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  Basic Credentials
Andrew T. Borne
Minnesota License #432313 for grades 5-12, Mathematics
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Masters in Education, Classroom Instruction, conferred in Dec, 2010 Concordia University
email: abornemath(at)gmail.com

Post-Bach Teaching
Concordia University, St. Paul 2010-2011
University of St. Catherine, St. Paul 2011

The all the information on the internet are like shifting sands. The purpose of this website is to make available digial resources and link that are in some way useful. I wanted prevent some things from disappearing; much of the content in the library section has been made into a PDF or some such file so it will stay put until I delete it. So there you go! Feel free to look around, and I hope the content is useful to you!

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   Math Videos and Movies
The Great Math Mystery
Nova, Aired March 2016

Review: This is a fantastic documentary about how math comes into our daily lives.

Donald Duck in Mathematic Land
Disney, 1955

An educational film shown in many public schools for many decades. Discusses music, tones, the golden ratio, games & geometry.

Infinity Minus Infinity is π

This is one of MANY videos of Mathologer. Every video from this guy is absolutely great.

The HP-12C Financial Calculator Introduction
April 2017

A recent video I made, it is under 5 minutes long. I made it to clearly explain how to use the financial registers for Time / Value / Money calculations. By the way, an online javascript version is available by clicking here.

   Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Videos and Docs

Check out my YouTube Channel!

Rotate Shapes Program
This program is for teaching and learning the concepts of polygon rotation using a matrix, and dilation on a plane. Input the coordinates, specify the rotation, this program will do the rest. It will show you the resulting coordinates, and a graph of the pre-image and image. It can rotate any degree measure and handle a shape up to 9 points. Download the program here.

This program is for teaching and learning the concepts around compound interest, borrowing money, and amortization. It generates lists of how your monthly payment is divided into how much is paying off interest vs. how much goes towards the principal, and much more! Download below.

Factoring Numbers Program
A short program written in TI-BASIC for the TI-84 and a program, also written in BASIC for the TI-nspire, will take a positive integer and output it's factors. If the number is prime, then only 1 and the number will result in the output. The 8XP file is for TI-84, and the tns file is for TI-nspires.

Transferring Files onto the TI-84 Plus
A very short video that shows you how to transfer an .8xp file on to your TI-84 series calculator. You will need a laptop or desktop Windows/PC or a Apple Mac. Download some free software from Texas Instruments and install it on your computer. You will also need a USB cable (sorry, the Mini-USB cable you use with your Samsung Smartphone will NOT work). This will work fine with TI-83 Plus but you will need a Silver Graphlink USB transfer cable.

Quadratic Equations on the TI-84 Plus
An essential program for anyone working with quadratic equations in Algebra. This program takes coefficients a,b, and c and produces the solutions, discriminant, axis of symmetry and the graph. Even better, it adjusts the window automatically for you when you view the graph...no more fooling around with xMin and yMax in the Windows menu. No other programs do what this one does! And best of all it's FREE. Need help installing a program? See this vid.

The Standard Shading Program (Normal Density)
This program which works on the TI-84 Plus and TI-83 Plus will take the mean, standard deviation, lower and upper bound to produce a graphe of the area as seen shaded on a normal curve. It will also state the area under the curve. Need help installing a program? See this vid.

Faster Graphing / Asymptote Detection
For many, the first time a function is graphed on the TI-84+ Color it is S-L-O-W. This is because a mode called asymptote detection is set to ON. By turning this off, plotting of a graph is sped up. But why is this mode here? What does it do? View the Youtube video to see and/or view the PDF documentation.

Z-scores and Percentiles
Studying z-scores and/or percentiles? You want this program! Compatible with TI-84+ SE and the newer TI-84+ SE Color. This program will do three things: 1) find a z-score given mean, standard deviation and the raw score, 2) find the z-scores of a list and put them into another list for easy viewing, and 3) find the z-score given the percentile. Yes! Bonus, the listing of the program is in PDF form so you can look it over to see how it works.

How to use the Algebra Equation Solver
This is a built-in utility found on the TI-84+, SE and SE color. The solver allows you to put in an algebraic equation and solve for x. This tutorial shows you how to use it on the TI-84+ Silver Edition Color, and also on the TI-84+ SE which has some minor differences.

Binomial Probability Program
Working on a lesson about binomial distributions and probability? Need to find probabilities using the formula Crn prqn-1? This program will take in trials, probability of success, and desired number n and output a helpful summary of probabilities.

The TVM (Time Value Money) App
This built-in APP found in the TI-83+, TI-84+ and the TI-84 C is a financial app that is very powerful and easy to use. This App allows you to solve for Number of payments, Interest rate, Principle, Future Value and payments. This App is worth the price of the calculator alone. Have this with you next time you sit down with a lender.

The MIDPOINT Program
This program will find the midpoint (x,y) between two points, (x1,y1) and (x2,y2). This program and video are designed to help you learn the basics of programming your TI-84 calculator. Download the PDF and learn simple input/output and computation.

Slider Demo

This TI-nspire document (should work with both regular and CAS models) is a simple document which has sliders connected to variables which control a graph. Page 1.1 is a linear equation and page 1.2 is a quadratic equation
slider-demo.tns - TI-nspire Document

   Unicode Math Characters, copy & paste!

These are not all the unicode math symbols, but these seems to be the ones most often needed!

Alt Code
macOS keys
fourth root
cube root
geometry "Then" arrow or transform arrow
geometry parallelogram
geometry triangle
greater than or equal to ALT-242 option <
less than or equal to ALT-243 option >
x-bar average or mean
p-hat proportion of a sample
ŷ y-hat predicted outcome
Δ Greek uppercase delta, change
Ω Greek uppercase omega ALT-234 option z
θ Greek lowercase Theta
μ Greek lowercase mu, stat mean, prefix micro ALT-230 option m
σ small sigma, standard deviation ALT-229
χ Greek lowercase chi, pronounced as "key"
π Greek lower case pi ALT-227 option p
subscripted 1
subscripted 2
² squared, superscripted 2 ALT-0178
³ cubed or superscripted 3 ALT-0179
radical symbol or square root ALT-8730
½ one-half, half symbol ALT-0189
¼ one-quarter or one-fourth symbol ALT-0188
± combined plus-or-minus ALT-0177 option shift +
multiplication dot, bullet symbol ALT-0149 option 8
The lemniscate, (pronounced lem-nis-kit) or infinity symbol ALT-236 option 5
angle symbol
° degree symbol ALT-248, 0176 option 0
congruence symbol
÷ obelus, or division symbol ALT-246 option /
¢ cent, american money unit ALT-0162 option 4
ø empty set option shift o
function composition, (fg)
approximately equal to
not equal to option =

   Quadratic Equation Solving Spreadsheet


Apple Numbers Spreadsheet version

   Printables, made by me, and free free free!

Graph paper
10x10 | 8x8 | 30x30 | 22x37

Full sheet graph paper
Isometric dot paper for space figures
Sheet of Number Lines (-5 to +5) for inequalities

Best Ever Unit Circle | Unit Circle (2 per page)

Southpark "Math Is...Universal" Poster

For fans of the long-running Comedy Central show Southpark, below is a re-creation of that poster seen in the background of Mr. Garrison's 4th grade classroom, the famous "Math Is...Universal" poster. The background image is known commonly as the Keyhole nebula.

The font used is called arcon. I had it printed at Walgreen's photo printing services, at a size of 16 inches by 20 inches for around $25. Download this poster, send it to Walgreens (or other printing services) print, and hang in plain sight! You never know what 4th grader will be inspired...

   Calculator Emulation

TI-83 Plus Debugger & Instructions This is a .zip file containing the TI-83 Debugger I've downloaded from Texas Instruments. Included in this zip file is a short video tutorial on how to install it, and run it for the fist time. Student-friendly. Works with Windows 95 thru Windows 10. 

Virtual TI v5 This program does a great job of emulating the TI-83 Plus and TI-89. Tested with Windows 7. 

Vintage TI-30 Simulator While fully functional, this is more of a novelty/nostalgic item than a useful calculator. It is a simulation of the popular mid-1970's scientific calculator from Texas Instruments. It re-creates the red LED display, the button press sounds, and the wait time for calculating complex expressions. Windows Only. 

Wabbitemu Website This is a link to the actual site. Wabbit EMU is a Z80 simulator. Highly configurable. Can be used to simulate a TI-83, TI-84 Plus, and TI-84 Color. Windows zip archive, as of March 2015. 

HP 12c web emulator A fully working HP-12c right on the web. Requires adobe flash in browser. They also have a Chrome App that will open in it's own window and behaves more like a desktop app for $1.99. Give it a try to get a taste of reverse Polish notation. You can purchase actual Windows/PC and Macintosh app versions from RLM Tools.  

HP 15c emulator Windows 7 tested. While this isn't great software, it's functional and is a fun way to try an implementation of the HP-12c's scientific cousin. When Hewlett Packard re-issued this beloved calculator as a limited edition around 2013, they included a CD-ROM with a computer emulation version. Trouble was, there was an issue with a failed serial number / registration mechanism. So, they started giving it away for free. Then for some reason the free version disappeared from it's server. Here it is, enjoy! You can also find it from Hewlett Packard as an App on iTunes, click here.  

   Math Links / Math Education Links / Math Interest

Virtual Interactives / Calculator tools
TinspireApps.com - Calculus Made Easy
HPE Table of Values Calculator - short link: goo.gl/n5kGIR
Seeing Math: Concord Interactives
Desmos Online Graphing Calculator
Mathway online calculator
Good Calculators.com
NLVM National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

QR Code Maker | QRStuff.com
WIRIS Math ML Generator

Gateway Resources
Tales from Technology (k-5)
NSDL- prepared activities

Free Tech 4 Teachers Blog - RIchard Byrne
Campus Technology News

Math Interest
Math in Society free book!, and many other free math books
Guide to pi | Pi Fast Program
Scott Flanberg: Human Calculator
Minnesota Math News (google search)

Codemoji learn about ciphers!

Math Helping People
Free Rice

Mobile Learning, (tablet platforms)
Adobe Mobile Apps
Apple iPad in Education Gateway

Professional Development
Admin MN - School District Maps

T3 online webinars | T³ Online Classes
MN Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Google for Education | Google Teacher Academy

MathForum @ Drexel
Augsberg Education Continuing Studies

AP College Boards Prof. Dev.
Learners Edge
k12 TeacherStaffDevelopment

Tutorials / Math Encyclopedia
Wolfram Mathworld
TI Calc.org

Online Collaboration Tools
VuVox Collage
Camtasia Video Editor
Adobe Connect Pro free trial
Smart Notebook
EduCreations iPad App

University Math Homepages
U of M Math Dept | Center for Ed Programs | UMTYMP

Other Math / Teaching Links / Downloads
The Journal
PBS Math Resources
Teacher Ed. TI software | TI software
Vernier, Purchase TI-84 Smartview
Try TI-84 Smartview for 90 days

Incomptech Graph Paper
korthalsaltes.com, Clip & Assemble Paper Polyhedra
Tatham Portable Puzzles
StraigherLine College, (accredited)

Online Stores
EAI Education Supplies
Educators Outlet
Math Style - clothing

Math Teacher Sites
Christopher True  (AP Stats / Calc)
Tom Reardon  (n-spire)
John Hanna  (n-spire)
Greg Tang  Math Skills

Vector Graphic Sample

The graphic to the left was my attempt at vector-based art. I attempted to copy a raster-based graphic, which was made of pixels, into a raster-based graphic which is made of curves and lines based on equations so it can be scaled and sized without limitation. In a way, this is where math meets art. The graphic can be downloaded as a Photoshop .psd CS5 document, with a "smart object" embedded in it. Enjoy!

Learn About: Vector Graphics | Raster Graphics | Pierre Bezier | Pablo Picasso

Try the Bezier Game


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