Mathematical symbols or glyphs

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Alt Code
macOS keys
ʘ circle with point in center, circumpunct.
Set of integer numbers symbol, from German "Zahlen"
Set of rational numbers symbol
therefore symbol
check mark
fourth root
cube root
geometry "Then" arrow or transform arrow
geometry parallelogram
geometry triangle
greater than or equal to ALT-242 option <
less than or equal to ALT-243 option >
x-bar average or mean
p-hat proportion of a sample
ŷ y-hat predicted outcome
Δ Greek uppercase delta, change
Ω Greek uppercase omega ALT-234 option z
θ Greek lowercase Theta
μ Greek lowercase mu, stat mean, or micro ALT-230 option m
σ small sigma, standard deviation ALT-229
χ Greek lowercase chi,
pronounced as "key"
π Greek lower case pi ALT-227 option p
subscripted 1
subscripted 2
subscripted 3
² squared, superscripted 2 ALT-0178
³ cubed, superscripted 3 ALT-0179
radical or square root ALT-8730
½ one-half, half symbol ALT-0189
¼ one-quarter or one-fourth symbol ALT-0188
± combined plus-or-minus ALT-0177 option shift +
multiplication dot, bullet symbol ALT-0149 option 8
(pronounced lem-nis-kit)
ALT-236 option 5
angle symbol
° degree symbol ALT-248, 0176 option 0
congruence symbol
÷ obelus, or division symbol ALT-246 option /
¢ cent, american money unit ALT-0162 option 4
ø empty set option shift o
function composition, (fg)
approximately equal to
not equal to option =